Science in a Post-Truth Culture

All truth was once monopolized by the Catholic church during the Middle Ages.  It censored any ideas contrary to their official narrative and executed those who would not comply. Obviously in this environment, scientific advancement was stifled.  However, the Protestant Reformation set men’s hearts and minds free, and science blossomed. This was the birth of modern science. Unfortunately, a false idea called Darwinism has since created another monopoly on truth. This secular worldview also affirms that there is no such thing as truth. Truth has become whatever advances your cause. We now have a situation where “science” has been hijacked for political and economic expedience. The outgrowth of evolution has given the world more death and misery than any other time in history. We are heading back to the Middle Ages.  This time however, those in power have access to mind boggling technological advancements.  What could possibly go wrong?